Logging into a website (i.e Sitefinity) with Facial Recognition

Procrastination is one of my worst habits especially when it comes to writing columns. Albeit not intentional most of the time,  it is still bad.

The subject that I am going to discuss in this article was the topic of one of my sessions at FalafelCon. I would like to thank everyone who attended and I apologize for the delay.

This post is going to be the first in a series of blog posts intended for consuming “crazy” and “unusual” technologies on the web, technologies that you might be already familiar with on your desktop.

The purpose of this article is to present to you the final solution. To understand the technologies behind it, start off by downloading and reading the presentation from here. I promise it will only take a few minutes of your time and it’s definitely worth it.

When you start the application you will be greeted with a friendly message from Firefox (or any other modern browser except IE)



Click on Share Selected device and you should see yourself in that area above the login button.

To login, you need to be registered. For that, you will need to sign up. At this time you should input any username in the input box and stare at your camera. When you are satisfied with the picture that is about to be taken, click on the Sign Up button.

Now sit and relax. You will be prompted when your account has been created. For now, you will see this message:

Once the account is ready you will see the following message (it’s just a typo):

At this time, you have an account and you are ready to witness something extraordinary: you can be all lazy in front of your pc and get to see your bank account statement (oh no this is not happening soon). Now stare at your camera once again, pray to the Lord and click on the Login button.

Hurray ! Facial Recognition is real !! Now you can download the solution, play around with the code and extend it.

To begin using Facial Recognition in your “Fun” applications, you need to:

P.S: In the current implementation you will need to logged out of Sitefinity in order for the authentication to work. You can always fix that by modifying the Web API code.

You can download the solution from here.

Happy Face Recognizing !


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  • Muhammad
    January 31, 2015

    Please provide me simple code of login in skybiometry… i cant understand your code which is provided above 🙁

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