Multi-Device Hybrid Apps… Where are the iOS and Windows Simulators?

In a previous post we have discussed how we can build and run the multi-device hybrid apps in a simulator for Android and we also demonstrated how we can build and deploy the application to a physical device.

If you’ve recently upgraded your Visual Studio 2013 to Update 2, you might have noticed that there is no way for you to simulate the application in iOS whether in an iPad or an iPhone. The current version of Cordova tooling in Visual Studio claims to support multiple platforms which is a fact. In this column I will show you how you can add those multiple platforms to your toolbar in a few clicks. Let’s see how

By default, your toolbar will look like the following:

default toolbar

You will need to add the Solution Platform dropdown to your toolbar as follows:

add to toolbar

You will notice there is a new dropdown for the different platforms:

platform dropdown

At this point we are ready to select iOS as the platform of choice and run the application in an iOS simulator:

ios simulators

iossimulator5 (640x334)

P.S: For those of you who installed a fresh copy of Visual Studio Update 2, you will get the Solution Platforms by Default.

If you try to run the application in a real simulator for iPhone or iPad (not the Ripple which is the Cordova Simulator) you will get an error. Currently iOS apps cannot be built on Windows and the iOS Simulator is also Mac only.

In the next post we will discuss how we can remotely build an application for iOS and run it from our Windows machine. You might be asking yourself do I really need to purchase a Mac just for that? Do I have to have a physical Mac? Answers to follow, stay tuned.






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