Sitefinity Facebook Comments Widget

Facebook announced that more than 300,000 sites have embedded the Comments Box – a solid number when you consider that the plugin was launched in March 2011.

I have been experimenting with the Facebook Comments API and I decided to create this slick and easy to use widget for Sitefinity to plug-in Facebook Comments on any Sitefinity powered website. The widget saves you the hassle of configuring the Facebook Comment widget to work on any page and It will automatically allow page specific comments.

The widget also presents all the various options for you in a user-friendly control designer to make it easily customizable. The widget supports the new and old Facebook Comments as the XID and URL are automatically generated so you do not need to worry about that. It also supports comments moderation by adding the application Id meta tag.

I have developed the control for Sitefinity 4.1.1501.0 however, you can easily make it work with any version of Sitefinity if you follow the steps from the video presented by Falafel. Finally, you can find it on the Marketplace

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